2022年12月24日 : Doggy Nyanko's year-end and New Year health care
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

There are various events such as Christmas and New Year's during the year-end and New Year holidays, how are you doing?
Especially in this season, when there are many events, I think there are many opportunities to eat differently than usual.
Dogs and cats tend to have many problems due to food. Therefore, I would like to write a few points to avoid food problems as much as possible! !!

(1) Human food is full of salt and spices((+_ ))
If the meal is different from usual, dogs and cats may think "It looks delicious ~" and beg a lot. Also, I think the owner will want to eat it because it is delicious and wants to share it a little ~. However, people's food is full of spices and salt. Even if it is safe for people to eat, there are many foods that put a burden on the body of dogs and cats. In addition to leeks and chocolate, which are likely to cause poisoning, spices and salt used in human roast beef and roast chicken are particularly burdensome to the liver and kidneys. In the worst case, you may die. Don't share meals for others. Also, some people think that "the center is okay because it doesn't have a taste," but roast beef and roast chicken are pickled with salt and spices, and are rubbed and soaked. In other words, even the parts that humans feel tasteless contain salt and spices perfectly. Therefore, if you give it with peace of mind, it may cause poisoning symptoms or liver damage or kidney damage.
Food for humans is eaten only by humans. I think that's the safest.

(2) Special rice that you don't usually eat little by little~
It is usually dry pet food, but many houses prepare special meals for Christmas and New Year's. However, if you consume a large amount of food that you are not used to eating, symptoms such as indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur. I think that many family animal hospitals are closed during the year-end and New Year holidays, so please be careful about the amount you eat. Instead of making everything a special meal, we think that it is better to eat it as a topping on your usual rice, so that you are less likely to get sick. Also, if you don't usually eat food, you may have hidden allergies. Especially when eating for the first time, puppy kittens, and seniors are recommended to try it during the period when the animal hospital where they can be seen in an emergency, and eat in an environment where they can cope when something happens.

Finally, dogs and cats are happy just to have their meat and fish grilled or boiled.
Just topped with low-fat meat such as chicken fillet makes it a special meal for Christmas and New Year's.
(1) Use meat with little fat
(2) Toppings should be up to about 20% of regular rice.
(3) Make sure to remove all the bones

Please have a good new year with your owner.

First-class pet animal care manager / pet symbiosis housing manager
Misaito Homma
2022October 7 - : Today's dog's dinner~
All the best, everyone!

It's cold today, so I'm going to make a kenchin soup~
The meat is homemade yakiniku sauce! !!

But MOKO was better with boiled fillet.(´;ω;`)Uu
Candy is better for allergies if you use a sauce of grilled meat, so it's okay (・へ・).


↓ Candy

↓ Maple

↓ Milky

Pet Animal Care Manager Honma

2022October 7 - : 10May 6: Dog's dinner~
All the best~

10On the 6th of the month, the dog's dinner ♪


Pickled chicken lees and fried ♪ cage-free eggs
I grilled meat pickled in a homemade lees bed that I made so that my dog can also eat ~! I don't like meat and don't eat it, so it's a secret tool('艸'*)This eats well?The meat is almost complete! But the order of eating is eggs→ sweet potatoes→ meat. The special sale eggs at the supermarket, which I used to happily eat, have been changed to cage-free eggs since the last time because the feed of the chicken has changed or "I don't want it!!". I've never eaten it, so I don't know, but cage-free eggs seem to be very delicious.

Team Little Chowder is Milk Chowder!!
↓ Candy

↓ Maple

↓ Milky

Maple is sensitive to odors and does not eat meat and eggs that have taken a large amount of vitamins while the chickens are alive, but these eggs are said to be delicious... Is that why I couldn't eat crunchy food with added vitamins, minerals, and flavors? ??

First-class pet animal care manager Honma



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