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2022June 27, 2010 : Notice of Change of Business Hours
2022As of June 26, 2016, we will close our business on Sundays and national holidays.
From now on, it will be open irregularly.
Best regards.


2022May 4, 2016 : Dog's Handmade Snack Giveaway Campaign ~2022 Golden Week Edition~

Golden Week Special Event!! We will conduct a "Dog Handmade Snack Gift Campaign"!
You can apply from the online shop. Please add your application to your shopping cart and enter and submit the necessary information in the same way as you would when shopping. From among those who applied, we will send 3 500 yen packs to 30 people by lottery, and 1 100 yen pack for those who miss the lottery for free.
Dogs are changing seasons, and some of them don't have an appetite? If you like, please try our snack!! Since the meat is condensed tightly, it can be used for meals such as food sprinkles.

I will write the same thing as on the application page, but...
We will present 30 people with 3 bags of handmade snacks of our dog (equivalent to 1500 yen) for free by lottery. Unfortunately, if you miss the lottery, we will send you a dog snack trial pack (100 yen) for free. Products will be selected and sent by our company. (The delivery method is specified by our company)
Winners will be announced upon shipment.
Please apply from the page of our online shop.
Application period is May 8, 2022 at 14:00Until then. (Because it is manual work, the time will be slightly back and forth.) Thank you for your understanding. )
Because I want more people to eat,Apply once per familyI will be up to it.
Due to permissions,Entries are limited to those who live in Japan country.

Please fill in the necessary information and send it. On the system, it is necessary to register the payment method, but both application and product shipping are free, so please check if you like to proceed to the next page.

*Privacy Policy*
Personal information received from customers will be used only for the shipment of this gift. It will not be used for solicitation or DM such as construction work. Since statistics are not conducted, there is no use of information in a form that cannot identify individuals. In addition, unless required to do so by law, we will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party.

The telephone number for inquiries is from the electrical work department, so it is often an answering machine. If you have any questions, please contact us from the homepage inquiry, Twitter or Instagram.

We handle sundries from India and Asia, but we are a company that has no relationship with religious or political organizations.
I myself am selling miscellaneous goods from the thought that I will explore the charm of India and Asia together with customers, and that I will be able to make a living through business. Therefore, we give it to those who are doing business without unreasonable price negotiations, and we sell it at a price that is easy for customers to get even a little bit by corporate efforts.

We are looking forward to your application!!

First Class Pet Animal Care Manager Honma
2022年3月22日 : 臨時休業のお知らせ
Thank you for your continued support.

Due to the "Electricity Supply and Demand Tight Alert" issued today, MOKORA Kobo stores will be temporarily closed from the evening to save electricity.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.




Yokohama city kyoei electric equipment coverage

Throughout the Yokohama city
Totsuka-Ku, Izumi-Ku and Sakae-Ku, Konan-Ku, Seya-Ku, Asahi-ku, Minami-ku, and Hodogaya area in Hodogaya Ward, Kanazawa-Ku, Isogo-Ku,, kohoku-Ku, and Tsuzuki-Ku, and Nishi-Ku, and Naka-ku, and Kanagawa-Ku, and Tsurumi-Ku, and Aoba-Ku, and Midori-Ku,
Throughout the city of Kawasaki
Kawasaki-Ku, and saiwai-Ku, Nakahara-Ku, takatsu-Ku, and miyamae-Ku, Tama-Ku, Asao-Ku,
In Kanagawa Prefecture
Kawai Mo plateau city, Yamato, Atsugi-Shi, ebina, Fujisawa-Shi,
Tokyo metropolitan area
Setagaya-Ku, Meguro-Ku, OTA-Ku, Machida-Shi,

* Other Tokyo electric power total sales pipe mainly across the country ask everywhere, so please feel free to consult too far.