Product Introduction - Martin Grappa in India -


Good evening everyone. The product introduced today is "Indian Martin Grappa". A very small type of martin grappa that is also used in the Indian army. In India, it is said that orchestras often go out to the city during weddings and festivals, but it is used at that time. Basically, it's for sending signals, so you can't change the sound tone. If you are interested, please come and visit us. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Notice of suspension of gacha gacha sales

Good evening everyone. "Dangomusushi 07", "Daiogushi", "2nd", and "Suzumushi 02", which are currently on sale, will be suspended once because not a single piece can be sold. From tomorrow, we will sell another product, thank you. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Pet Toy / Hand Puppet -


Good evening everyone. We have kept you waiting for a very long time! The product introduction of the dog's toy "Pet Toy" finally begins. Well, I was head-butted by the chairman today, and the product that I will introduce hard while hurting with blood beans on my lips is "hand puppet". About 10 years ago... when our chairman MOKO was still a pupy, hand puppets cost more than 10,000 yen. I liked to attack stuffed animals and people's feet like hunting, so I thought I'd buy a hand puppet, but it was too expensive to buy. So, I was playing with a hand puppet made of towels that were sold to wash people's bodies, but my teeth passed and my hands hurt! After all, I was playing with two soldiers in the puppet, but it hurts anyway! ! If you're not good at it, your hands are full of blood. There was such a thing, too. The owner does his best to see his dog's happy face. However, the dog was also happy, and the owner was also happy product! ! The price is also 2,000 yen! ! It is a product that I wanted to meet about 10 years ago. Thick cotton, which does not hurt much even if the owner is bitten, enters the entire puppet. Since there is little feeling that the dog is biting the hand, "Do not bite a person's hand!" It is also ideal for discipline. And with a device that makes a sound when the dog attacks! ! All puppets have shakaschaka on their upper and lower jaws and whistles in their lower jaws! Walruses have fingers in their hands. However, be careful not to try too hard. It is a small matter, but when I see a happy face, I just do my best. I was moving my hands with my thumb and little finger, my lower jaw with my index finger and ring finger, and my upper jaw with my middle finger. When MOKO catches its prey, it swings its head from side to side, trying to stop the roots of its breath. With this system, I was swinging from side to side every day, so I hurt my hands and wrists. I had tenosynovitis. He still has a disease. It hurts a lot and it hurts. It hurts a lot when the weather is bad or I'm tired. In order not to do this, it is strictly prohibited. When you move your mouth, it's just your mouth. When you move your hand, only your hands and one action. If you overdo it and hurt it, you won't be able to play with your dog for a while. I think that the health of the owner is the happiness of the dog, and the health of the dog is the happiness of the owner. Play with each other, taking care of your health. Well, there are 3 types of puppets sold by our company! ! ↓Capybara: Speaking of capybaras, the original capybara hot spring Izu Cactus Animal Park! Except for some areas, you can also enjoy your dog together. (MOKO also went some years ago!) For details, please check the Izu Cactus Zoal Park website, telephone, and entrance. Let's keep and use the rule so that many dog can enjoy it in the future! ↓Walrus: We can't put a dog together, so you'll have to wait at home, but there's a walrus in Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Yokohama. I've been there, but I don't remember seeing walruses, so I want to see them someday, but it's been years without much opportunity. Are puppet walruses male? ↓Hazel Lokou: Even if you are not good at birds, it is cool! ! In the wild, lungfish sometimes wait more than a day to come to the surface to breathe. I can't wait this far! The mental power of Hashibilakou is amazing. The MO KORA Studio store is so narrow that you can't move when you enter the store for 2-3 people, so there are products outside the store. Therefore, the dog can also come to the store together. You can also see the inside of the store if you hold it. There are many dog's living in the neighborhood, so I have a lot of friends. I would be happy if you could come to the store with your dog and choose with your dog. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Patchwork and Leather Hmong Pochette -


Good evening everyone. The product I will introduce today is the only "Patchwork and Leather Hmong Pochette" in the world made by handmade one by one by the Hmong people who I also love. It is a pochette handmade by the Hill tribe Hmong in Asia. It is a very nice pochette with a patchwork and coconut buttons with a well-balanced embroidered cloth and dyed cloth, and an adultness while the dyed leather is cute. Because it is the size that a paperback enters, I think that it is also good to put a medicine notebook, money, examination ticket and use it as a doctor's bag. There is a zipper inside, so you don't have to worry about dropping important things such as coins and medical examination tickets. I use it as a wallet, but at first I felt different from a Japanese product, so I felt uncomfortable, but gradually I felt nothing. It can be used not only as a pochette, but also as an interior such as a tapestry. Especially recommended is to hang it on the wall as a porch for newspapers and letters in the room. Hanging it on the wall will accent your room, but by always having a tidying up place, "Where did you go in the newspaper?" You can see at a glance whether the child has passed the letter or not, such as the missing letter of the child's school. Also, I think that parents will be very saved by having a letter in the porch when they get home. ↓We currently have 9 items in stock. Because it is one point, it will be closed as soon as it is no longer there. Because it is a product made in the sense of a local person, there may be some scraping of cloth. It is also an attraction unique to Asian products. At the time of purchase, I will inform you about the range that I am aware of, but please purchase it after knowing that. Best regards. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Moroccan Style WatermarkED LED Candle Lantern -


Good evening everyone. Today, there were a lot of people at the "Nakao" bus stop of Sotetsu Bus, which is also the nearest bus stop of our company. Kanagawa Prefectural College of Industrial Technology (commonly known as a technical school) is nearby, so I thought that there was an entrance briefing or an experience event, but there was a big location bus and there was a camera, so it seems that it was shooting. There was a fairly famous actor because he used a large camera instead of a handy camera or SLR camera? I can guess that I was inging an aura because I was at work, but I didn't understand. Even those who appear on TV do not understand at all. Hilux and Acaashiduklangur in the zoo can identify individuals. I don't know who it is when I look at people's faces. Because the test hall street is a local road, I use it for walking and shopping with a dog, but there are many people who are suspicious privately. My uncle has an SLR camera, and a woman is crying while calling in front of him. Watching a TV drama at a later date will solve the problem. "Oh, you were taking this scene. You were that suspicious person, an actress and a cameraman. I'm always wondering what to do to report it to the police. The movement is too suspicious. After watching the drama, I noticed that the filming of the TBS drama "Kounodori" was also filmed. People who seem to be doctors, nurses, and people in the examination department lined up in front of the hospital, and someone seemed to have left the hospital, so I thought, "What kind of big politician was the president of a major company hospitalized?" As a result, it was a drama shoot. When I say doctors, there are many simple hairstyles, but I thought, "I have a doctor with a strange hairstyle~", but he was a famous actor. I didn't understand when I saw his face. I think that it is amazing that I do not understand so far. Well, I think that it is a very small shop, but I do not know who it is even if a famous person comes to the store, so please understand. Well, the story that is not related has become long, but the product introduced today is "Moroccan style watermarked LED candle lantern". Led candle lantern made in India. Because it is a lantern dedicated to LED candles, real candles cannot be used. The fine pattern is very nice, and it is recommended as an interior without light. It may be put and used, but it is also possible to hang it because there is a gap for hanging at the top. From this product, you can feel the high level of engraving technology. When I live in Japan, I often think that made in Japan's products are the best, but I can see that there are many people in the world with high technology and artistness. After all, people are made to reflect on themselves that they have to live humbly. Because of the lantern atmosphere, why not only have rooms and stores with ethnic-style interiors and Arabian night-like atmosphere? I think that it seems, but surprisingly you can use it nicely in any genre of room or store. "You're saying that it looks good in any room!" I think that it looks good. If you put this lantern in a natural room, I think that you can create a little fairytale and fantastic space production. In addition, even in the west coast style interior, I think that this lantern will suppress the saturation a little and make it a calm adult atmosphere. I don't think this kind of thing looks good right away, but I think it's very interesting to try a little adventure. I thought it was a very nice product and arrived, so please look at the real product at the store. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Mosaic Candle Holder -


Good evening everyone. Although the declaration of a state of emergency has been lifted, it is a disgusting time when the number of infected people is gradually increasing, but the sales of companies are inversely proportional, but how are you doing? Our company is also "Well~ severe! ! I want to say, but at a slower pace than sloths, it is a mysterious system that opens while preparing stores, and when "open!" I can say, because I'm dealing with what I thought was good, I don't know what kind of shop it is, and I thought, "What kind of shop is it?" Even if it is asked, there is a reality that it can not be said that it is severe because the shopkeeper who suddenly appears in the residential area suddenly appears in the residential area with Potsun of the feeling "Yes ~~". There is no word that it is too severe and severe. It's lonely. A strong south wind is blowing outside, but we are working hard while withstanding the north wind in the store! ! Well, in the current MOKORA workshop, it is an introduction of the product "mosaic candle holder" that feels warm light like a match of a girl selling matches. This product was handmade in India. I think that maybe various people made it, but even if it is the same design, mosaic tiles depending on the product? differs in the number of I personally thought that japanese products are interesting because there is no such thing, and at the same time, there is a taste and taste. Since the expression of each product is different, please choose carefully and find your favorite product. This candle holder can be used with both tea candles and LED candles. When you put a light in the candle holder, the scent like stained glass is very beautiful and fantastic. Once in a while, turn off the lights in your room and enjoy the candlelight through the mosaic candle holder. It is also recommended as a spice for meals and sake. If the atmosphere changes, your usual meals and canned beer purchased at the supermarket may become a little more delicious than usual. If you are under 20 years old, you may feel that barley tea and juice are more delicious than usual and have a slightly grown-up atmosphere. Please drink after you are 20 years old. When using candles, be careful when handling fires, such as keeping anything that burns close to it. In addition, please avoid using it only by children, and use it with an adult. If you are concerned about handling the fire, we recommend using LED candles. We also sell, but there are also stores that handle 100 yen uniform shops. Since it is a time when you can not enjoy eating out so much, why not try to taste the atmosphere like a restaurant at home? Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Antique Style Padlock of Ancient Warriors -


Good evening everyone. The product introduced this time is "antique style padlock of ancient warrior" which is heavy enough that the door seems to break. It is sold from 15:00 to 18:00 on Sundays, alcause it is too heavy and there is no place to put it. It is a key made of Indian brass. It is very cute with a design that is absolutely not possible in Japan. I think that it is absolutely cool when I put it on the door. However, it is heavier than I thought. After all, it is very heavy. 500g is so heavy. If you place it on a wooden door in a Japanese house, the door will probably break down in the long run. It is better than the metal fittings come off, but worst of all, I think the door will warp. When installing, please install it after careful consideration. Because it is a limited product, it will be closed as soon as the stock runs out. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction ~ 7 String Coconut Carimba (Natural) ~


Good evening everyone. The product introduced this time is karinba made of coconut with a simple and gentle tone, a fun folk instrument born in Africa. Karimba is an ethnic instrument native to Africa and is also called the "thumb piano". Tuning is quite difficult, but since it is only a thumb, it is popular because it is easier to play than stringed instruments such as pianos and violins and wind instruments. As a result, it is now made in many Southeast Asian countries. Good as an interior element as well as playing! It has become a carimba. "Karimba cushion" is also being produced at MOKORA Studio so that it can be decorated as an interior. As soon as it is ready, we will exhibit and sell it with Karimba. When purchasing Karimba, I would be happy if you could purchase "Karimba Cushion" together. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Room Lamp (Astronots) -


Good evening everyone. Indian mosaic lamps and Arabian lamps are also in stock, but we are working hard to improve them to Japanese specifications. It takes a long time, so we can not sell it immediately, but we are wiring it so that it can be used conveniently in Japan, so we will inform you again when it becomes available for sale. By the way, the product introduced this time can taste the space travel feeling with three AAA batteries "Room lamp"(Astronots). Because it is a battery, it can be used without an outlet or asking for installation at an electrical work shop! A company that is doing electrical work is "OK without wiring!" If you sing, there is no work! ! It is a feeling full of tsukkomi. It is best that customers can use it conveniently, so we will sell it! It is said that private space travel will be possible soon, but it will be a trip that is not at all good for people like me who do not have money. So, can you see stars ♪ space travel to space just by feeling? Probably, I think that everyone is more familiar with the universe, but the interior design of the room is like space, and if it is dark, it is OK to prepare! If you turn on the room lamp switch, it's like outer space. It brightens the heart darkened by the stress of the corona. This product does not come with batteries, so please purchase it separately. We also sell batteries, so please use them by all means. Then, I hope it will be a good space trip for everyone. Good-bye, good-bye. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Product Introduction - Case of Ethno Sashimi -


Good evening everyone. What products will be introduced this time?,It is a recommended "ethno sashimi case" for those who have experience in dropping the smartphone that I put in Pokke well. Nepalese kasuri weaving, ethno pattern and leather based on stripes are very cool! ! We use special leather unique to Nepal, carefully tanned with tannins by Nepalese people who are good at handi work. If you can actually see it, you can see the size, but it feels a little bigger than similar products sold in Japan. Therefore, a smaller camera (instant camera, digital camera or so much is entered?) If you have a camera that you want to store, you can bring it to the shop and see if it enters. In that case, please contact us. ) or smartphone (I do not have a smartphone, so I do not know how big it actually is, so please check the size when you visit. It can probably be stored! ! There is also a place to pass it through the belt on the back, so you can use it as a fashion accent. Of course, you can also use it in your bag. It was a product introduction that I do not understand well that I recommend it to those who have experience of dropping smartphones well even though I do not have a smartphone, but I thought that it seemed to be difficult to drop even though it was expensive ~ I was able to introduce the product. Homma Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.