Company Profile

Yokohama-shi kyoei electric construction company
Company nameKyoei electric Engineering Co., Ltd.
Where are you located241-0815, Kanagawa Yokohama-shi Asahi-ku, Nakao 1-37 8
Phone number045-362-5448
Fax number045-365-9801
Established.1976January 19
Representative DirectorNaomi Honma (Naomi Honma)
OfficersHonma Shin-ichi (ichi Honma)
Number of employees2name
Electrical construction contractor registration numberKanagawa Prefecture Governor notification No. 230053 issue general electric facilities and privately-owned electrical facilities
Construction permit numberKanagawa Prefectural Governor permission (General-26) 75291 issue of construction industry types the electrical construction industry
Business Description
  • General electrical work
  • Sales and repair of appliances
  • Industrial waste collection and transportation business and special management industrial waste collection and transportation business
  • Manufacture and sale of interior elements such as outlet covers, lighting fixtures, and handmade cloth products
  • Sales of stationery, books, etc.
  • Sales of plants and related accessories
  • Sales of vegetables sent directly from the production area
  • Business contents
  • All operations incidental to the above
  • Name affiliation insurance
  • Pension
  • Workers ' compensation insurance
  • Employment insurance
  • Construction of retirement mutual aid
  • Main financing banks
  • Mizuho Bank: branch
  • Bank of Yokohama, Futamatagawa River branch
  • Japan Post Bank
  • Main suppliers
  • Toshin Electric Co., Ltd. Mitsukyo Office
  • Co., Matsuo business line Hodogaya Sales Office
  • Cedar electric industry co., Ltd. Daiwa Office
  • Love photoelectric co., Ltd. Yokohama branch
  • Okada electric industry co., Ltd., Higashi-Kanagawa branch
  • Kanagawa thermoelectric materials co., Ltd. Yokohama branch office
  • Major trading partners (order inequality)
  • Kurosawa construction co., Ltd.
  • KITAZAWA construction co., Ltd.
  • Yokohama, Japan
  • Japan Yokohama city building maintenance Corporation
  • Co., Ltd. opt House
  • Affiliation organization
  • All Kanto electrical construction Association
  • Electrical construction Association, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Association of Yokohama city.
  • Kanagawa-Ken Yokohama-shi Asahi-ku, Nakao 1-37 8 Phase iron railway futamata-gawa station walking 10 minutes

    Yokohama city kyoei electric equipment qualified list
    The first kind electrical work person1name
    No. 2 seed electrician1name
    First class electrical construction construction management engineer1name
    Is the electrical construction construction management engineer level 20name
    Information network construction professionals (iNIP, Silver)1name
    Construction technician (digital grade 3)1name
    Construction technician (analog type 3)1name
    Fire protection engineer (Officer section 7)1name
    Aerial work platforms sector car driving skills1name
    Zhuhai Office skills1name
    Compact mobile crane operation skills1name
    Ground wire GR with high pressure load opening with construction technology certification1name
    High-voltage Cable construction skills certification1name
    Low-voltage electrical handling1name
    Solar power facility construction worker ID (sharp sanix Panasonic and choshu industry)1name

    Yokohama-shi kyoei electric construction company history
    1974年7月10日Founder fukaya Naoya Yokohama-shi Asahi-ku, Nakao 38-19, kyoei electric equipment industries established.
    1975May 2010Co., Ltd. established in capital ¥ 1 million
    1976January 191 million yen change in capital at the Company Ltd. kyoei densetsu
    1976JanuaryJoin the electrical construction Association, Kanagawa Prefecture
    1994May 23, 2010Capital increased to ¥ 3 million
    2004April 1, 2016President Honma Shin-ichi President and current Chairman fukaya Naoya Representative Director and Chairman
    2009November 26, 2008Obtaining construction permits
    2010April, 2010Join the Association of Yokohama city.
    2015June 2016Panasonic expert work shop Member

    Yokohama city kyoei electric equipment coverage

    Throughout the Yokohama city
    Totsuka-Ku, Izumi-Ku and Sakae-Ku, Konan-Ku, Seya-Ku, Asahi-ku, Minami-ku, and Hodogaya area in Hodogaya Ward, Kanazawa-Ku, Isogo-Ku,, kohoku-Ku, and Tsuzuki-Ku, and Nishi-Ku, and Naka-ku, and Kanagawa-Ku, and Tsurumi-Ku, and Aoba-Ku, and Midori-Ku,
    Throughout the city of Kawasaki
    Kawasaki-Ku, and saiwai-Ku, Nakahara-Ku, takatsu-Ku, and miyamae-Ku, Tama-Ku, Asao-Ku,
    In Kanagawa Prefecture
    Kawai Mo plateau city, Yamato, Atsugi-Shi, ebina, Fujisawa-Shi,
    Tokyo metropolitan area
    Setagaya-Ku, Meguro-Ku, OTA-Ku, Machida-Shi,

    * Other Tokyo electric power total sales pipe mainly across the country ask everywhere, so please feel free to consult too far.